The seed of a flower

contains all the beauty and sweetness of the flower.

Similarly, you already have everything within.

Spiritual flowering

When we let go of all fixations and limitations, we step into the actual simplicity and sweetness of the present moment.
We are greeted and welcomed by this beautiful existence expressing itself in infinite ways.

An inner and outer journey

On our life’s journey, we often carry things with us that we no longer need and can let go of, such as old views, ideas, feelings, and habits. Letting go frees us to see all that we have neglected within ourselves. These abandoned parts can be integrated back into a wholeness of being. We are then able to bring this unbroken origin to all areas of our lives, and walk on a path of increasing clarity, openness and joy.

— Benjamin Stucky





Werever I can, I am happy to point you to back your own inner Truth and ever-present Joy.
Further information can be found on the meetings page.

A change of consciousness

If enough people are interested, I will organize a recurring meeting in the Zürich area meant for people that honestly whish to transform their whole being and support each other. If you are interested you can sign up for further information.


I offer small courses on topics like transformation. Head to the online courses.


From time to time I post small animations, inquiries and talks on the ↪outflowering youtube channel.

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