I remember an experience from my childhood, where I watched some dust particles dance in the sunlight. This was accompanied by an indescribable feeling of wideness and oneness.

Some time passed, and I completely forgot about such early childhood experiences of wonder and joy. But suddenly a significant dream reminded me of the deeper depths of reality and launched me on a journey.

I left all that I thought to know and went looking for that which I had repressed and forgotten. Over time, I started to learn to enter into a deep silence and to listen to the sweet song of life. Step by step, some old habits started to loose their grip.

At that time in my life, I studied mathematics and did a PhD in High-Dimensional Statistics, a field of research that is concerned with finding relevant information in large data sets. There, my mind got trained in a precise manner. After finishing my PhD, I decided to go to sleep research as a Data Scientist. Besides learning a bit about biology, psychology, neuroscience, pharmacology and how to work with real data, I was able to help in a lecture about consciousness that dealt with philosophical and neuroscientific considerations.

As my inner process of letting go of patterns deepened, my inner and outer life came more and more into harmony. I discovered my inmost uniqueness that knows itself to be connected to all. My unique expression wishes to point to the limitations of any fixation and to integrate different views into a wider vision, all in joy. That is how outflowering was born.

My journey is ongoing. It continues to deepen, and from every situation in life I can learn. I am grateful that you exist, that all exists, and that we can start to joyously share our deepest truth in our being without restrictions.

Much love
Benjamin Stucky