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I offer small coaching sessions of about 1h that are meant to point you back to your own inner Truth and Joy. This process is about removing limiting ideas, views and habits we might consciously or unconsciously hold onto. By letting go of what does not serve us well, our lives become lighter and more joyful. This process might not always be easy or instantaneous, but our patient and trusting Will is sure to help. Any resistance or difficulty is an invitation to look deeper and transform ourselves more completely.

These coaching sessions do not follow fixed rules or procedures, like life, they always arise spontaneously in the moment.

The one-on-one sessions can be done via video chat, or if you live in the Zurich area, we can meet in person.

One session costs 90 CHF. If you wish to cancel the session, please let me know 24h before the session.

I speak Swiss-German, German and English.

If you feel an inner calling to meet, I am looking forward hearing from you through the contact form.

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